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How it all started

I always had an affinity towards technology and machines to just explore ,But at the age of 10 i got my first computer, thats when i designed my first USB portable charger using standard 9V batteries and by the age of 12 i had my first security forum Hosted on my own home server called hackersource where we would discuss various computer vulnerabilities,the forum had more than 6000 active registered users.I had another friend of mine Yug Kapoor from delhi,Gradually we started another security forum powerhackerz.

Im 21,i have created more than 6 companies which have been successful,have enabled apps & utilities which turn out to be extremely handy for end users.I have enabled cloud based systems for several lounges & bars across the country.
have even started a million dollar venture called WiLoop.

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The Clouds have changed the game,The transistors are getting smaller & Machines More powerful,We are almost getting to quantum computers, The future of the world is automation & cloud based intelligence,along with wearable devices like smart watches which would pretty much turn us into cyborgs.
i really consider technology as a "Necessary Evil".


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Steve jobs has been my inspiration,i have always respected his vision & the way of life.
but my mentors have really been my uncles - Mr.Ananth Narayan & PD Gautam & my parents,they have always given me a platform to build upon my ideas and they are the ones who have motivated me to overcome big challenges.


Use of technology to solve common peoples problems,Internet & access to cheap smart phones can be a boon for my vision,but the day is not far away when the people in india start connecting the dots and realise the importance of technology for solving problems.the long term vision for my company is to have an IPO and to be listed on stock exchanges across the world,which is really not easy.This may sound silly but iorn man's stark technologies is where i am really heading at.